Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cpt Barbeau Is Home!!!

This is a post I have dreamt of writing for the last year and FINALLY here it is. We got our beloved solider, husband, and dad home from Iraq! He came home on Sunday the 24th in the evening. We decided we wanted to surprise the kids so my dear friend Dana (huge huge thanks) kept the kids over night for us and we surprised them on Monday (more on that in a minute)
The whole process of them coming home is crazy. They land at Hunter Army Airfield where they are shown a "welcome home" video told their work schedules and sign up for classes they need like the motorcycle safety class then they are bused over to Ft Stewart. When they get to Ft Stewart they march onto the parade field and after the Anthem, a short speech, a prayer, and the Dog Face Solider song they are released to find their families. Thank heavens Ben and I had our phones...I text him where I was standing and didn't fact he came to me. I wasn't about to loose a limb or an earring for that matter in the chaos of girls jumping and running for what they think is their man...hey lets be honest until you're within 3 feet one Solider looks the same as another.  I know I'm making light of this ceremony but in all honesty I was in tears the whole time. I can not explain the sense of pride, love, and appreciation you feel standing amongst a group of others who have carried the same burdens, cried the same tears, and celebrated the same milestones as you for the last year. Its in awe that I watched all 300+ of those Soldiers come home to their families physically intact. I hugged Ben and instantly felt 1000 pds lighter and an unspoken stress washed away within seconds. I love this boy of mine and am so so very proud of him! Words can not begin to explain how excited I am that he is here with us.  Here's a video of the Soldiers singing before they were released. The kids love this song...

On Monday Ben and I went to breakfast and then to the kids school to surprise them. I'm so mad at myself for not recording this I had told myself all morning I would and then it all happened so fast and I was too excited.
I had told the kids I had to work so they were staying at Danas house Sunday night but I would have to check them out early for a dentist appt on Monday. The Secretary was so excited when we told her what was going on she went and got the kids herself and Ben stood in the hall where it turned so they couldn't see him and I stood at the end where they could see me. As they walk up Pais saw Ben and just says "Daddy!?!" and without taking her eyes off him walks right to me. Easton saw Ben though and went for it...he ran over to him and wouldn't let go. After we checked the kids out they were in disbelief and loved the surprise. All the rest of the day Pais was on Bens lap and Easton kept saying I cant believe dad is home for good.
We have tried to break him in slowly but we cant help take him everywhere and show him off!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fight Night At the Barbeau Hizzle

This video needs no explanations but I do wish I could bottle Paisleys laugh and keep it forever!

Its all very "Silly"

Each and every time I buy my kids a pack of these darn bracelets I cant help but wish I was the weirdo who invented these! Honestly stretchy lil bracelets that are shapes? Who knew they could be such a hit. The kids have millions...I do mean millions. In fact dear Pais who has about double the amount as Easton can layer them from her wrists to her elbows on both arms and still have some on her ankles plus a few laying around the house. I find them all over, the car, laundry hamper, floor, bathtub, they even stick them on me when I go to work to share with the sick kids (which never happens since Michelle steals them!) I can bribe my kids to do anything for a pack of Silly Bandz though so for that I am grateful for the dumbest invention ever!

 Here the kids are decked out after church one day...
yes they wore all those with their
 nice church clothes (I'm picking my battles!)

 Amongst the millions they each manage to have a favorite.
 I'm not sure what Eastons is but Pais of course is her
 favorite princess Sleeping Beauty.

After we took pics of all the Silly Band fun I put the camera down to take a lil nap and here's what happened....

 Pais took a self portrait...a pretty good one even
 Then E got in on the fun...cute kids!

Then of me napping...
They are so proud of fact they said they were going to tell Grandma on me. The more I think about it the more I'm convinced I learned this from my mom. In fact...I remember growing up and my mom would make us have quiet times conveniently during the hours of Oprah or General Hospital...hmmmm yes I remember mom! Plus we all know Sunday naps are a must and she always indulges!  So go ahead and tell on me dangit!

And just a few more blog worthy items:
We get our Benji back in about a week! Can you believe we survived a year...a whole year!?! Its funny because I can remember so vividly when he first left and thinking about the day he had a month left then a week then a few days and I thought it would never get here. So much has changed this last year and its funny how different of a place we are in now then we were when Ben left. I cant decide if its all been good or bad but I know for sure I am ready for it to be over.  I'm done living in survival mode and I'm ready to be a family who lives together and get on with our lives and not have another deployment luming over us in a year or two. Two is plenty for this family. Ben is getting out of the Army the 1st of Jan and he is going back to school for Physical Therapy. I'm excited for him since I think this is a great field and he will be awesome in it but I'm nervous for the move. I enjoy moving but this one is different because of a few things and its not to my ideal location but it is only for about a year and then Army Baylor in Texas is our goal. I'm sad to leave our home and our dear friends but somewhat relieved to move on from Ft Stewart and I'm sorry but I'm going to admit it but my church responsibilities as well.  We are headed to the St. Louis area which puts us closer to my fam (yay) and since it appears they have winter weather there I suppose its time to invest in winter shoes and actual coats...I will miss my warm SAV!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pearls go with everything...

I have to wonder if bedtime is this "fashionable" at everyones house each night. As I was calling kids in for family prayer tonight before bed I couldn't help but laugh at their bedtime attire. Honestly...pearls, a headband, and a leotard!?! Then we cant ignore E in his UGA hat (he considers himself a fierce fan) and the house robe. E insists on sleeping in his under roos but bc of 6 yr old modesty issues he walks around in his house robe til hes ready to be tucked into bed.  OK fine I will admit it...what cute kids!

I took the first picture and then dear Pais says "do it again mom and let me get comfortable" so she throws out the hip...hmmm.
I truly do love them but I find myself wondering "why o why me"...a lot.

Heaven On Earth...

When my hunka hunka man was home on R&R (yes I know that's been a few months ago) we were able to ditch the kids (million thanks Christensen Fam...Holla!) and escape to the most amazing place just 2 hours from our front door. For 2 nights and 3 days we lived in style here....

The Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island
With a lovely private beach
And a cute to boot lucky was I and am I!?! (Hes mine!)

It was just what we needed! We ate amazing food and layed out on the beach...I think I was born to lay in the sun. There is not a more peaceful and relaxing place on earth then the beach. When it got dark we swam in the pool and chilled in the hot tub, we stayed up late and slept in and guess what...NO KIDS or dog! Of course we did a little shopping at the adorable shops downtown. It truly was what the deployment dr ordered and I love that we will always have this special place we can get away to with great memories. A million thanks Benji! I love you...more then lipgloss and diet coke. (that's a huge place to be in my wee lil heart)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This weekend....

We wont be found here...
because we are escaping to here...
this get away couldn't come at a better time!
The only thing missing will be Ben but we will love
every minute we get to spend with our dear friends Muthu and KJ
I cant wait. I feel peaceful just looking at the pics
Hurry up Friday and get here!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just Another Day At the Office!

When Ben was home on R and R he left his camera here, well today I happened to pick it up and start looking through ALL the pics on it and please let me share these lil gems I found. I guess after this Ill know if he ever looks at the blog. Clearly this day was both hard and very productive!

My guess is this is the end of the day! Look at that cute face!!!